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 Luc Bonhomme CEO

 We focuse on  the Loire Valley, in France.

We propose:

Short tours of the Loire Valley for up to 4 persons



 6 day / 5 nights Loire Valley Tours for up to 4 persons.


About your host: Luc Bonhomme

I am a French citizen who has spent most of his live in the USA, California. Recently,  I moved back to France to share with you all the beauty of the Loire Valley region. My home in France has been remodeled, and offers now two complete independant troglodytes suites.

Educated in the USA, (USC), I am very aware of the level of service Americans are acustomed to. This is why, every thing has be thought to satisfy you. This being said, you will be hosted in a setting, which is not a 4 star hotel but a private home decorated with taste with art works from my personal collection. Each suite is completely independant, with a private entrance, and a complete bathroom. 

I have a large experience about the wines from the Loire Valley. I did import in the US, most of the AOC from the Loire Valley, and worked with 20 small winemakers. Therefore, this could be an opportunity for you to gain an extensive knowledge about this interesting wine region. 

The Loire Valley offers a large diversity of sites, and activities. This is why we have decided to put together some short tours but also longer customized tours, tailored to your tastes. Of course, the idea is also to propose some activities which will surprise you, and have you experience fully the life in the Loire Valley.

You will find below two video links related to my past activities. One is about a Ceramic Art exhibit I curated in Ojai, Ca, at the Beatrice Wood Center. The other is about the Jazzy Blues festival I organized twice in France.

Do not hesitate to contact me directly to find out more about my background, and how we can build together a great experience for you in the Loire Valley.

Loirevalleystay is a division of Loire Valley USA INC, a California registered company.

All the best;

Luc Bonhomme





Building one extraordinary experience at the time.